The Spanish Tutor
(south San José, Almaden, Los Gatos, Saratoga)
Whether you need help with
high school homework, you are
struggling through a college
course, or you are simply taking
a vacation to a Spanish
speaking country, what better
way to learn spanish than with
the personal help of a private
Learning a second
language provides a
powerful tool to

  • Lessons customized for your needs and level
  • Private Tutoring
  • Group/family rates
  • Skype tutoring available
Students are evaluated to determine individual needs, starting with
and building on basic skills. Courses are structured in simple,
straightforward presentations of each private or group lesson,
followed by exercises and interactive activities.
Academic programs follow classroom assignments and help with daily
homework and in preparation for tests.
My name is Manuela, I am a native of Spain and speak the language fluently.
In 1998 I began teaching Spanish in after school programs in several schools in San José,
California, and have been a private spanish tutor since 2000.
I also have a BA in Art History from UCLA.